I'm Joining Eaze

I'm joining Eaze's engineering team next week and moving to San Francisco

I'm Shutting Down Valet.io Today

Two years after founding my first company it's time to move on

Understanding Open Source Communities

There is no "open source community"

Six Months as a Dropout

What I've learned about life and startups in six months as a full time founder and college dropout

How to Start Contributing to Open Source

Open source lets you give back and learn more. The hardest part is getting started.

Sucking Less at Business Development

How I'm re-engineering my relationship habits

The Open Default Principle

How sharing everything helps me beat the gatekeepers

In Defense of Knowing Less

Learn and do more by letting go of your impulse to know everything

Collaborating Asynchronously to Get More Done

How applying a software design principle made work meaningful again

Why I Didn’t Apply to Y Combinator

The Future is Service-Oriented

It’s easier than ever to build distributed applications—start now

The 5 a.m. Principle

Getting up early makes me more creative, but you don’t need to wake up early to take advantage

How Citi Bike Salvaged a Botched Launch

Why you might want to reconsider "launching"

When No One's Looking

5 Reasons Why My Company Will Fail

And why those failures won’t teach me anything

Going All In

I’m leaving school and depending on my company’s success. And that still scares me.

The Myth of the Costless Startup

Early capital matters to student startups as much as any other

Thinking Big and Small

Put productivity tools to work for you, not the other way around.

Entrepreneur Interviews: Greg Skloot

I chat with Greg Skloot, now founder of Attendware, about how he turned Northeastern's entrepreneurship club into a powerhouse.

Entrepreneur Interview: Dan Shipper

I talk with Dan Shipper, blogger and founder of Firefly, about Dorm Room Fund and the case against dropping out.

Entrepreneur Interview: Jack McDermott

I talk with Jack McDermott about Rough Draft Ventures and building companies that fulfill real needs.

Entrepreneurship is a Mindset

The intro to my brief but very worthwhile discussion series with student entrepreneurs.